Our Process

We are dedicated to presenting our clients with both quality and qualified candidates to meet their employment needs. Through extensive research and 25 years of experience, we have developed a unique and proven hiring process which may reduce unnecessary turnover in staffing, a process that provides a great hire and reduces overall hiring costs. Our design hiring strategies have satisfied many companies’ employment needs.

We are recruiting for you right now! We engage in a constant ongoing process of networking in our specialized industries, connecting with potential candidates and learning about their unique skill sets and experience through conversations with them and their peers and coworkers, and through thoroughly researching their background and references. Our goal is to populate our database with candidates so that when you call us, we have quality, qualified candidates we are confident in and can expedite the selection of finalists.

Our Process with You:

  • Evaluate Your Recruiting Need - When you call us, our first step is to gain a complete picture of who you need and when you need them. We can help fine tune the job description of the position to be filled or build one from the ground up.
  • Design a Recruiting Strategy - Based on the position, other qualifying criteria, and your timeline, we will design a recruiting strategy to fit your needs.
  • Research Candidates - We will review the candidates in our database, those we are actively working with, and other passive candidates we are aware of. But we do not limit ourselves to those resources; we will initiate direct contact with potential candidates (known as ‘headhunting’), and post positions online. While postings are a last resort due to their low level of effectiveness, we will take whatever measure necessary to find exactly who you need as quickly as possible.
  • Screening and Interviewing Candidates - Once we have reviewed our pool of candidates and ensure their references have been confirmed, we will select and present to you a strong list of finalists for your review and analysis. You may elect to simply tell us which you would like to interview, or, we may assist with your selection. Further, we will arrange and assist in conducting interviews with your finalists.
  • Making Offers and Negotiating – With your consent, we will facilitate making the initial offer to the selected candidate, any negotiations, and the offer’s acceptance and the candidate’s start date. We can also assist with any special needs the candidate may have.
  • Followup – Once your new team member is on board, we will follow up regularly with you and with them to ensure the long-term success of your new relationship.

Dear CEO Colleagues:

It is not often that I recommend a third party business partner, but I am delighted to ask you to consider using Total Quality Consulting for your next executive search.

I have worked with the owner and president of Total Quality Consulting, Doug Duong, for over eight years and have been tremendously impressed by the hit the ground running strategy, the consistent and timely communications throughout and following the search process, and the quality of the candidates that Doug and his team has presented for hire.

As an example, the last search that Doug and his team conducted for our Credit Union was highly sensitive and required not only complete confidentiality, but also a high degree of establishing the logistics for the search for one of my senior management positions. All the candidates were required to sign confidentiality agreements, so the jury was out as to the veracity of maintaining the privacy of the project. The search was also intricate because it involved other third parties.

During the complex process that lasted about six months, the entire search and eventual candidate that was hired, nothing was ever mentioned within our organization, within the credit union community or by the media. I was not only very pleased, but stunned because having worked in the credit union industry for nearly 36 years and as a CEO for over 20 years, the grapevine is very active and very little remains private for long. I cannot elaborate further in this letter as to the challenges and there were significant obstacles presented, however, the integrity of the process that was driven by Doug was outstanding in every respect.

In conclusion, the next time you are considering a search for either a C-Level executive or mid management position, I strongly encourage you to discuss your requirements with Doug. Doug will work for you with perseverance, tenacity and an extensive knowledge of our industry and the players that make it so interesting. I think that you will be quite pleased in providing Total Quality Consulting with the opportunity to serve you.

If you wish to speak with me directly about the blind search that we conducted and that I illustrated above or any other of Doug's attributes as an efficient and results-oriented professional recruiter, please do not hesitate to contact me.


— Stan Abrams

President/Chief Executive Officer

San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union