Hiring Solutions

Complete Recruiting Center – We provide most services required in the recruiting and hiring process including direct hiring, outsourcing, reference checking, and background checking, through to the negotiating and hiring steps.

Strategic Client Alliances – We form partnerships with our clients to assist with the complete hiring process for every level position, based on your needs and our experience.

Strategized Hiring Process – Our processes are designed to find exactly who you need right now. We know that you are hiring because you have a need to fulfill, a need that is likely urgent. Our goal is to fill your position as quickly as possible, but to also fill it with the right person, ensuring they can hit the ground running and get your organization on track as fast as possible and for the long term.

Candidate Assessment – We utilize performance-based interview techniques, interactive assessments, and reference checking to ensure all the candidates we present are quality and qualified professionals who will also fit well within your company’s culture. We use the Wonderlic™ testing system to assist in pre-screening, including basic learning aptitude testing, personality assessment, management assessment, and integrity testing, and we can customize these programs to meet your needs.

‘USE Credit Union places high importance on having quality leaders. For us, quality includes the person not only having the appropriate technical knowledge, but also having advanced leadership skills and fitting into the culture of the organization…Doug’s approach of getting to know both the organization and the candidates is a much better process that leads to superior results. For future leadership position needs at USE, I would look first to Doug Duong. I would also highly recommend him for your organization as well.’

— Jim Harris

President & CEO

USE Credit Union